Which Kitchen Trends are Expected to be Big in 2020?

Which Kitchen Trends are Expected to be Big in 2020?

The kitchen still retains its spot as one of the most important rooms in the home. If you are like most homeowners, you will want to keep it looking up to date. Like it or not, the kitchen, as a concept, is a constantly evolving space. Designs and ideas that worked well ten years ago could make your kitchen seem like it is stuck in the dark ages, today. Some homeowners stay on top of this by making a few changes here and there. You can help your cause by looking at annual trends and make changes as you see fit.

  1. Creative storage solutions. Smart homeowners who have struggled with keeping things organized know that proper storage is the way to go. More people will be utilizing pull-out shelves and under-cabinet pull-down racks. Handy pull-out trash cans will also improve functionality.
  2. The countertops. Many homeowners who can’t afford full scale upgrades know that a new countertop can make a big difference. In 2020 contractors will receive many requests for new countertops made of granite, quartz and marble.
  3. Farmhouse style. According to experts, millennials are showing a lot of interest in farmhouse kitchens. The simplicity and natural look of these kitchen spaces suits those who want to dial back on design excesses seen in so many homes. Interestingly, as much as it is expected to grow in popularity, contemporary designs will still be leading the way.
  4. Environmentally conscious features. In the upcoming year, more homeowners will take advantage of features that help in reducing the carbon footprint. These include water saving faucets, energy efficient bulbs and using repurposed materials.
  5. Reflecting lifestyles. Kitchens will continue to reflect the lifestyles of their users. Tech lovers will be quick to choose new feature-rich appliances, and design changes that allow them to use and charge devices. More kitchens will facilitate the storage and preparation of natural foods and fresh fruits and vegetables for healthier living.
  6. New color. Kitchen updates can be expensive, but a new paint can achieve a fresh look for a fraction of the cost. As homeowners look to save money for the big upgrades, they will be putting on new colors in the meanwhile.

The importance of the kitchen suggests that it will always be ripe for remodeling of some kind. Take a look at all the options available to you and choose the ones that work best for your home and your lifestyle. You don’t need the most incredible kitchen in the world… you need the most incredible kitchen for you.


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