What You Should Know before Installing a Skylight

Skylights are interesting features and add an interesting element to your house. Before installing this feature in your roof, there are certain things you must keep in mind.

The style of your house and roof

You need to choose skylights that complement the style of your house and roof. The good news is that skylights come in a variety of styles such as fixed, vented and domed, pyramid and shapes such as rectangle, square and oval.

The best roofing material for skylight installation are asphalt shingles, metal shingles, slate, wood and concrete tiles.

Quality is Important

While the temptation to cut cost may be high, spending more for quality material and workmanship is important. This will minimize any risk of leakages during the rainy season.

Proper Location

It is also important to place skylights in just the right location on your roof. Some places that are not skylight friendly are the valleys and hips. Interfering with these areas of the roof can lead to leaks, and you definitely do not want that. Can you imagine lying in bed and admiring the sky on a raining night only to have water trickling down onto your bed!

Bear in mind that the slope will also affect the amount of light and heat that enters the room through the skylight. A low sloping skylight is not effective as it will let in too much heat in summer and too little in winter.

Skylights help to bring in more natural lights, so the placement is important for this reason as well.

Know when to install

When installing a skylight you should not do so during bad weather.  This does not mean that you can only install skylights in summer months during periods where there s no rainfall. In fact, skylight installation in the winter month can even save you money. In winter, most installers are less busy ad may be willing to offer a discount.

In addition to the above, for successful skylight installation you need to know your budget. This is where the professionals can be your best friend. No one wants to have to spend more than they budgeted for to get a job done.

Ventilation is also important, as improper installation inside the room where the skylight is can lead to condensation. One way to control this is to use ventilation fans inside the room. Condensation on skylights is especially common in bathrooms.

While you can install your own skylights, to prevent some of the problems that may occur, it is a good idea to have a professional installer to install it. Give us a call at 301-948-0100 to schedule a consultation with us.

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