Watch for These Amazing Home Design Trends in 2019


Planning the look of your home is never easy, but there are many experts whose opinions help to shape changing trends. Homeowners who are looking for the latest ideas can visit trade shows or visit home improvement websites to see which ideas are the most popular. Here are some of the biggest trends designers expect to see more of this year.

  1. Darker color schemes. Conventional wisdom suggests that lighter, brighter tones are best for the interior of a home. However, in recent years, the appeal of darker shades has been steadily growing. When they are used effectively, they add warmth and give the home a cozy feel. They can even be used in small rooms, whereas in the past this was considered a design risk.
  2. Ditching the accent wall. Accent walls have been widely used for years, but more homeowners are expected to use that accent color to paint entire rooms. In the past the idea might have seemed overwhelming, but colors like forest green can make a bold statement.
  3. Spa bathtubs. In bathroom, functionality will be balanced with comfort. There will continue to be increasing demand for spa-like bathtubs for longer periods spent soaking and relaxing. In some cases this will mean expanding the bathroom to accommodate the larger tubs.
  4. Bigger backsplashes. Backsplashes have always been a standard in kitchens, but now they are bigger and more dramatic. The backsplash will become the visual highpoint as they extend from the countertop to the ceiling. When the backsplash is visible behind shelving, it will create the appearance of a larger kitchen.
  5. Dark kitchen tones. More dark tones will be utilized in kitchen to create attractive contrasts. Black cabinets can be used with white walls and a white backsplash for a stylish look. There is also the advantage that dark colors do not show marks easily. Combining off white tones with dark accents can work just as well.
  6. Farmhouse accents and accessories. The term farmhouse is usually associated with the kitchen sink, but the concept can be applied to various other parts of the home as well. Board accents will be used to spruce up facades and add a rustic touch. Board accent batten accent walls will show up in many more homes this year.

This is just a sampling of the ideas experts expect to see implemented in homes throughout the year. Home contractors and designers also know about emerging trends, so you can get some ideas from them as well.

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