Taking a Look at Some of the Hottest Basement Remodeling Trends


Basement remodeling allows the homeowner to nearly double the square footage of a single-story home. That’s a lot of space just sitting there unused under your home. Anyone who has an unimproved and unused basement space should consider transforming it into something that will increase the value of the home. Even if there is no immediate need for extra room, a basement makeover is still a good investment. These trends will provide you with plenty of inspiration for an update of this space.

  • Install a bathroom. This is usually a given for almost every type of basement renovation. Whether you are creating a home office, media room, wet bar, or a den, a bathroom adds to the convenience of the space. This can save you an unnecessary trip up the stairs every time you need to visit the facilities. A bathroom is usually seen as essential for basement bedroom conversions.
  • Add creative lighting. Basements are naturally dark rooms because they are primarily underground. Even a large egress window does not always provide adequate lighting. Good choices are recessed lighting, track lighting, wall sconces, and lamps that can be moved as needed. Whatever you choose, make sure that it does not intrude on the space since basement ceilings tend to be low.
  • Entertainment area. The scope of home entertainment has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. It makes sense to have a designated space for all you electronic and gaming equipment. One important characteristic of this renovation is professional electrical work to protect all devices. We can even have the electrician add a separate control panel or separate breakers for individual entertainment areas so you never have to worry about tripping a breaker.
  • Kitchen. A small basement can be turned into an extra kitchen. If the space is big enough, the kitchen can be a separate part of the room. An extra kitchen helps with party hosting. Even a small one can hold the essentials like a refrigerator, sink, and counter.
  • Bar and wine cellar. Having a space to store wine is great for anyone who appreciates his drink, but an intimate bar will put you over the top. You can buy a wine rack or have one custom made. This will involve some plumbing work as you will need an area for washing glasses, and you will need a refrigerator for some beverages.
  • Extra storage. Renovating your basement will help you to get rid of clutter in other parts of the home. Incorporate built-in storage to help you get organized. No matter what type of basement remodel you choose, you can use hidden storage ideas that will make the rest of the house feel bigger.


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