Summer is the Best Time to Replace Your Chimney Liner


We guarantee that you have been enjoying these hot summer days so much that you haven’t given much thought to your fireplace or chimney. And why would you! It’s not like you need it at this point with all the heat and humidity we have been experiencing!

However, what is going to happen when those cooler fall days and nights get here, and you want to light a fire to stay warm? Are you going to be able to or are you going to find out that your chimney needs a few repairs before you can be warm again?

We always tell people that they should have their chimneys cleaned and inspected during the spring, after they have had their last fire of the season, so that they know if any repairs will be needed before they can use it again. It is better to complete most of the necessary chimney repairs during the summer, because the warmer temperatures and the sun assist with the entire drying process for the mortar and you won’t be missing your warm fires.

While a damper that doesn’t close properly won’t be enough to stop you from having a fire in the fall, a damaged or deteriorating chimney liner will. Chimney liners can seem to last forever, depending on what type you have, but there will come a time when it will crack or cause condensation to build up. The result of that could mean poor airflow, an increase of carbon monoxide, or a house fire.

When your chimney liner needs to be replaced, you do have a couple of choices, as you can decide on a stainless steel or a cast in place liner. Stainless steel liners are best for prefabricated fireplaces or a fireplace insert, while a cast in place liner will assist with reinforcing a chimney’s structure. Unfortunately, a clay liner, which is always the best option, is too expensive and challenging to be used as a liner replacement.

If you know that your chimney liner has some damage and needs to be replaced, we recommend calling now and setting up an appointment to have the work completed. We can help you check one more thing off your to do list and be all ready for those first cooler days of the year.

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