Shutters, Louvers & Vents

Your home is an integral part of your family. It’s a reflection of your values and lifestyle. Adding exterior window and door decor offers design opportunities to make your home attractive and unique. You can obtain a beautiful look by using complementary or contrasting colors with your shutters, headers, door surrounds, sunbursts and dentil trim.

Shutters, Louvers & Vents

When you want easy-to-install siding accessories that create a well crafted, unified look for the entire house, we have the products that you need. Products that feature a SolidThru™ color innovation that holds up in all weather conditions and all climates. They are lightweight yet rugged, and can be installed on wood, vinyl, fiber cement, aluminum, stucco, brick and hardboard.

When you want fashionable curb appeal for your home that’s guaranteed to last, we have the products for your home. These exterior decor products are available in the most colors and a wide range of sizes to add character to any home.

Our products are designed to work together to create a unified look. They can be ordered in colors that complement or contrast with your home’s siding color. Once these products have been installed, you will also enjoy the benefit of no maintenance.

The products and ideas on our website are only a small representation of what is available. Visit or call our office at 301-948-0100 and speak to a home consultant.