Select Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware with Comfort and Style in Mind


Kitchen cabinets add a lot to the style of any kitchen. However, the cabinet hardware is also an important element to not just the style but utility. Knowing how to choose the right knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinets is just as important as choosing the cabinets themselves. Also, cabinets with knobs and pulls help to protect your cabinets as they prevent the transfer of grease and oils from your hands to the cabinets themselves.

Your personal taste and the style of the kitchen are of utmost importance when selecting your hardware. You can go with just pulls or knobs or even a combination of both for an appealing visual effect.  If you can’t decide whether to use just knobs or pulls, remember that generally, pulls are used for drawers and knobs for doors. Of course, the choice is up to you.


The size of the knobs and pulls are important. These handles must be easy to use by anyone who uses the kitchen. For example, if there are older people in the house, larger knobs and pulls may be ideal as they are easier to hold. To find the right fit, it is a good idea to try the knobs and pulls in a store before buying.


The handles must add visually to the style and décor of the kitchen. Here you can add and match styles and color, like gold and silver to make a statement. You’re the line of your cabinets and kitchen design to help you choose the right type of knobs and pulls. If the lines are curved, use knobs and pulls with curves as well. If the cabinets are ornate, you can find equally ornate and elaborate pulls and knobs for the cabinets.

Material and Finishes

The type of material is important. You should choose knobs and pulls that give class and style to your kitchen. Bronze is good in that it looks good new, and will weather and over tie gives the look of old-fashion elegance. For a more modern look, brushed nickel is a good choice.

Despite popular finishes are stainless steel and bronze, you have a lot more to choose from when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. One way to choose finishes is to use the kitchen faucet as a guide. Use finishes that complements r contrast with that of the faucet. Crystal is popular and goes well with almost any décor.


The type of kitchen hardware you purchase will also depend on your budget and what you can afford. It, however, makes sense to try and buy the best type of knobs and pulls you can afford since lower cost items will not last very long.

Knobs and pulls are an important part of the kitchen hardware. They help to bring everything together to create the type of kitchen you will enjoy working in.

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