Until the time comes to repair a roof leak, or maybe to replace the entire roof on your home, most homeowners may not be familiar with whom to call. Sure, you could call a handyman, or maybe even a construction company, but do they really have the expertise to repair, or even replace the roof properly? Well we do.


Think about it… what IS the most important part of your house? The ROOF of course! Without a good dependable roof, the house itself, as well as the contents are at RISK. It is essential to hire a professional roofer that you can trust and rely on for expert advice. Yet, there are countless homeowners that shop for a roofing professional like they do for gas… it’s all the same except for the price. Here is where their troubles may only begin.
Here at D & M Roofing Enterprises, Inc., with over 45 years of experience, We can provide you with an EXPERT roof leak analysis, a detailed and honest opinion, along with valuable trustworthy advice.

Unlike most, OUR technicians are well trained, well versed and “properly insured” to perform “roofing work” on your home. Don’t be shy, ask for a “Certificate of Insurance” well BEFORE you hire any professional to perform ANY work at your home.

A true professional will gladly provide this Certificate. The certificate will clearly state what the company may or may not be insured for in the unfortunate event of an accident. Be sure to take the time to READ and understand this document, this is what will help protect you from any liability as a homeowner.   


  • Roof Leak Diagnosis & Repair
  • Slate Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Slate roof maintenance
  • Metal Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Shingle Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Cedar Shake Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Tile Roof Repairs
  • Flat Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Skylight Leak Repair & Replacement
  • New Skylight Installation
  • Certified Roof Inspections
  • Roof Maintenance

      We would suggest that you evaluate your roofing contractor as carefully as you would any professional. Unfortunately, a “Home Improvement License” is basically about “Contract Law”, and does not require a company to know anything about roofing. Nor is there such a thing as a “Roofing Degree”. So how is a consumer suppose to know who IS actually qualified to serve their roofing needs? Experience.

This is why D&M Roofing Enterprises has endured as a true roofing professional in the Washington DC metro area for over 45 years.