Replacement Window Options: Sliding or Double-Hung?


When you decide to replace your windows, you can take advantage of the wide range of styles and sizes available. Two of the more popular types are double-hung and sliding. Since you will have to live with your choice for many years, you should learn as much as you can so can pick the right types for your home.

Double-hung Windows

This type has two sashes built into one frame. You can operate both sashes, sliding them up or down to get the right amount of light or fresh air. These windows can be tilted inwards which makes it easier to keep them clean. Depending on the brand you choose, you can get different sash options. The most common type has two sashes that are of equal size. With some types, either the lower or the upper sash may be larger. Your choice will depend on its ability to complement your home’s architecture.

Sliding Windows

Unlike a double-hung window, the sashes of a sliding window move horizontally. This type is also built into a single frame. With some types, one sash is fixed, so you can only slide the other sash. For maximum ventilation, consider a sliding window with sashes that both be opened at the same time. This type of windows provides a better outdoor view, which makes it a popular choice among homeowners. This type is also referred to as gliding windows.

Placement is Important

Knowing where to put each type of window helps to create the right look for your home, and increases curb appeal. Most people choose sliding windows for rooms that look out onto decks, pol areas, or walkways. If you like to have an unobstructed view of your landscaping, a sliding window may be the best option. You should also consider this type for rooms where you prefer to have a lot of ventilation.

If your home has tall window openings, double-hung windows may be the most suitable fit. The ease of cleaning makes them suitable for any room. These windows are best for homeowners who do not want to use up too much wall space. Some people also prefer the symmetry of narrower windows.

Keep in mind that window size and placement play a role in the ambience of the interior. You need to avoid spaces that are too bright or too dim. The windows you use at the front of the home do not have to influence the choices for the sides and the back of the home.

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