Remodeling Guide for Your 2019 Kitchen Remodeling Project, Part 2


When you go through the initial phase of you remodeling project, you need to start thinking about the details. What kinds of materials do you want? Do you need more storage? Is the kitchen bright enough, and do your lighting fixtures need an update? The following will help in making the decisions that will determine the look of your kitchen.

  1. Widely seen as the central point in the kitchen, this feature deserves special attention. There is a vast selection of materials, and some man-made types are easily competing with natural materials in terms of looks. While your budget should play a role in the decision, it is wise to spend a bit more for something that will last, and that resists scratches and stains. A widely used tip for choosing the countertop style is to pick one that contrasts with the cabinet.
  2. Your first concern should be to get rid of any dark areas in the kitchen. Too many kitchens have a single light source, so incorporate task lighting for the meal prep areas. Using under cabinet lighting can add some luster to the countertops at night. Track lighting and recessed lighting are other options worth considering.
  3. Some people are skipping cabinets in favor of open shelving, but they are still a fixture in many kitchens. The variety of wood types add beauty, but you can also paint the cabinets if that suits your kitchen theme. Glazing is another way to improve the style of your kitchen. The knobs and pulls you choose for cabinets and drawers help to complete the look. Using glass on some of the doors will put your dishware on display and add color to the space.
  4. The sink and faucet. High quality sink and faucet combos can cost more than $1,000, but you can get attractive types for less than $500. In 2019 stainless steel is not expected to be as widely used, but there are many other finishes that can complement the look of the other kitchen components. The broad price range and the vast array of styles can stretch out the selection process. Look for a finish that is long lasting and easy to clean, and consider the value of additional features like sprayers and extensions.
  5. The choice of flooring must be sensible and durable, and it must also enhance the look of the kitchen. Since spills can occur, the material must be easy to clean. Hardwood floors add beauty and warmth, but great alternatives include laminates and ceramic tiles. If comfort underfoot is a priority, cork is worth considering. It is durable helps to reduce noise, and it can be found in different colors.

A knowledgeable contractor can simplify this stage of the remodeling project. Once you work out these details, you will find that the project runs smoothly.

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