Prevent Flooding around Your Egress Window Wells with These Ideas

Flooding around egress windows can lead to more than dampness inside the basement. With heavy rains it can cause flooding, and eventually damage to the interior and the foundation of the structure. If there is light rain with wind, the water will be blown against the window and cause the same problem. One reason for flooding around the egress window is that the slope of the land may cause water to flow back towards the house. In other instances, failure to protect the windows with plastic covers may be the cause.

Protecting Window Wells

Plastic window well covers are cheap and easy to install. With this minimal investment, you can protect the basement and the building’s foundation. Window covers work in cases where the water is entering through the top of the window. This will not work in cases where the groundwater rises and enters the window. One possible solution is to construct a concrete base for the window well. For this method to work effectively, combine it with window well covers for added protection against water intrusion. You should take the extra step of checking the areas around the windows and the foundation for cracks. These must be properly sealed if the plan is to prevent flooding in the basement.

Adding a Drain Box

If the grading of the soil in your yard works in your favor, you can consider installing a gravity drainage system. This requires digging down to the base of the window well, and installing the floor drain. This might not be suitable for some homeowners because it is more expensive than building a concrete base for the window well. The lot’s topography could be an issue as well as it might not aid in managing the flow of water effectively.

Using a Sump Pump

This is another option available to owners of basement lining spaces. The pump will be installed in the window well to keep it from flooding. The major difference with this method is that it requires special permits. It also requires expert electrical work for the necessary connections to be made. The flooding of window wells is usually a situation associated with storm activity, so it makes sense to have a battery backup in place. Some of these systems will keep the pump running for up to nine hours.

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