Planning a Remodel? Here’s a List of Things to Think About


Even the smallest remodeling jobs can have a few unexpected delays, so it helps to be prepared. Anyone who wants to do some work on their home needs to know how important it is to have a detailed plan in place. Here are a few things you might need to think about before you start remodeling.

  1. Controlling water flow. Failing to move rainwater away from the home can cause basement dampness and weaken your foundation. Check your gutters, and make sure that the grading of the soil on your property will not send water flowing towards the house.
  2. Using space properly. During a home renovation you have the perfect opportunity to examine your space needs. With less clutter, you will feel like you have a larger home even without expanding the square footage. Creative solutions include double duty furniture and storage areas under stairs.
  3. Recycling materials. Before you throw out that old cabinet consider using the wood to make something else. If you are replacing a hardwood floor, the old wood might still be reusable. This can save money and increase your design options.
  4. Increasing natural lighting. If your interior could use more natural light you might be able to incorporate this into your remodeling plans. Larger, energy efficient windows will achieve this, plus they can eliminate heat loss and lower your energy costs.
  5. Insulation. Poor insulation and air leaks are big contributors to excessive energy bills. Check the home for leaks, especially around the edges of doors and windows. This is an earth friendly touch you can add to your renovation even if you don’t use an eco-friendly approach elsewhere. You should definitely check the basement, as this is often a major source of heat loss due to poor insulation.
  6. Water and energy conservation. Managing water and usage is not only a good way to save money; it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. Improving water management and energy usage can be done cheaply and usually with minimal adjustments. Easy steps include installing low-flush toilets and buying LED bulbs.

This tells you that aside from all the building, cutting, hammering and nailing, there are other things will contribute to functionality and comfort. Decide early on whether you are looking for more space, a fresher look, or both. We would be happy to help you with the design and implementation of your unique remodeling ideas.


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