Looking for a Few Home Organization Tips? Check these Out!

It is getting close to the time of the year when we all want to organize our homes and get ready for the holidays and the new year. This can seem like an overwhelming task, but there are many things that you can do to make it easier and faster than ever.
Here are 9 home organization tips:

Install an Appliance Lift

Those massive mixers are quite heavy and bulky, while also being a pain to store. We recommend installing an appliance lift in one of your lower cabinets to solve this dilemma. Your mixer will have a place to live and you won’t need to lift it every time you want to use it. Instead, you can simply activate the lift and your mixer will be where you need it when you are ready for all that holiday baking.

Install Veggie and Bread Drawers

Do all your root veggies and bread end up in piles on your kitchen counters? If they do, or you are always looking for a better place to keep these items, we recommend installing pull-out drawers to hold them. Your countertops will be clear, and you will never need to wonder where you put that last onion ever again.

Corral those Hair Tools in a Pull-Out Drawer

Curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers stay too hot to put away in regular drawers before you leave for work. Installing a pull-out drawer that you can place these items in while they are still warm will alleviate you arriving home at the end of a long day to put your bathroom back together again.

Create an In-Wall Cabinet for Your Toilet Supplies

Are you tired of looking at your plunger sitting next to the toilet or going to grab your toilet bowl cleaner and brush from another room? We recommend installing an in-wall cabinet to store all these items. This small space will keep all your items nearby without cluttering up your bathroom.

Install Pull-Out Hampers

We understand that you don’t want to look at hampers overflowing with laundry, which is why we are always telling people to create a space for pull-out hampers. Simply pull these hampers out to put clothes into them and push them back into the cabinet until it is time to do a load of laundry.

Hide Your Television in a Cabinet

There is no need for your television to become a focal point of any room in your home and you can prevent that from happening by hiding it in a cabinet. You can choose to put it in an armoire, but we also love the idea of attaching a flat screen television to the inside of the top of a bench and simply shutting the lid. This multipurpose item will give you additional seating when needed too.

Add Shallow Shelves to the Back of a Closet Door for Books

If you don’t have the space to add a bookshelf to a room, or simply do not want to see books knocked onto the floor all the time, we have the perfect solution. We recommend installing shallow shelves with rods across each row to store books. You can then close the doors to contain the mess, so it will never matter how the books were put back into place.

Hide Your Printer

Space can be tight in-home offices and it can be easy for clutter to start collecting. To avoid this as much as possible, we recommend creating a secret drawer where your printer can live. You can open the drawer when you need to print something and close it whenever you are not using it.

Turn a Storage Bench into a Filing Cabinet

No one wants those tall metal filing cabinets in their office anymore, but other filing options can be rather bulky. We have a great solution with turning a storage bench into a wonderful filing cabinet. You can easily reach everything that you need and once the lid is closed, you have a place to sit as you ponder the rest of your day.

These nine organizational tips are the perfect place for you to start during your organizing journey and once you have used them, your home will look more streamlined than it ever has before.

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