Know How and When to Replace Your Patio Door


Doors may be replaced to increase curb appeal, or to improve energy efficiency in the home. The entry doors usually get this kind of attention, but you should consider patio door replacement as well. An older patio door will probably not function as well as it used to, so a new lower maintenance option may be a good idea. If you are wondering whether it is time to update your patio door, here are a few things to think about.


Installations that have sliding parts will start to perform less efficiently as they age. The age of the door may not be the main cause of decreased function. An older door has gone through more open/close cycles over time which wears down the components. Exposure to the elements over time can also affect the patio door. If you start to feel a draft around the edges of the door this could mean air loss. This can affect heating and cooling and drive up your monthly bills. A patio door that needs to be replaced may let water in when it rains.

Replacement Doors

Patio doors are available in standard sizes and these can be found in many homes. However, custom patio doors are popular as they make it easier to get something that suits the look of the home. If you have a custom patio door, you will not be able to simply buy a replacement door from a supplier. You will need to talk to a door manufacturer to get one of equal size. While making a plan for a new door, you should consider getting a larger one for a more attractive look and to let in more light. The door opening will need to be widened, but some door manufacturers can handle this aspect of the job as well.

A new patio door can boost energy efficiency in the home, and if it is larger, provide a batter view of the outdoors. If your current door is leaking, do not wait long to call a supplier about getting a replacement. Leaks can lead to rot and mildew growth, so you may end up spending money on more than just a new door. Any homeowner who plans patio door replacement as a DIY project should try to get some help to avoid making expensive mistakes.

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