Kitchen Storage Problems? Try These Ideas on for Size


Kitchens can become jam-packed with items over time, as we don’t think that any of us can avoid buying the latest kitchen gadgets. Unfortunately, these kitchen gadgets take up the limited space many of us have in our kitchen.

Here are 6 ideas to solve your kitchen storage problems:

  1. Create a Custom Pantry: A custom pantry will give you much more usable space than a regular one. You can have shelves, drawers, pullout baskets, and more in this space, but you get to choose what is best for your needs.
  2. Add Corner Drawers: Adding drawers to the corners of your kitchen cabinets will give you a lot more space than a single lazy Susan cabinet. These drawers are quite deep, so you will be able to fit more inside them.
  3. Add a Pullout Undersink Drawer: The space underneath a kitchen sink always gets crowded and it can be impossible to find anything under there without tearing it all apart. A pullout drawer under your sink will make it easier to see what you have in there.
  4. Install Pull-out Trash Cans: If you are looking to free up some floor space in your kitchen or you just dislike looking at your garbage can all the time, you may want to consider installing pull-out trash cans.
  5. Install a Drawer with Dividers: If you are looking for an easier way to store your cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks, broiler pans, and more, then a drawer with dividers is for you. Instead of stacking everything up and wrestling with it all when the item you always need has made its way to the bottom, you can simply open this drawer and grab what you need easily.
  6. Add an Appliance Garage: All those small appliances you have take up space, and we know that you do not want to always pick them up and put them away. A wonderful solution to this problem is to install an appliance garage, so you can slide them inside and close the door. This will keep your most used items easily accessible while also keeping them out of sight.

There are numerous storage options available for kitchens and these are just a few of the solutions that you have to help keep this space organized. Be creative as you look around your kitchen trying to find ways to store everything that you have. Use decorative bins in areas that need some decor and labels as you see fit.

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