Kitchen Remodeling Projects that Increase the Cost Quickly

No kitchen remodel is ever alike, just like two kitchen remodeling budgets are never the same. If you are trying to stay within your remodeling budget, we recommend that you keep an eye out for the items that can wipe your budget out completely.

Here are 6 kitchen remodeling projects that increase the cost quickly:

Your Layout: Changing the layout of your kitchen is going to make your remodeling costs skyrocket, which is why we always try to keep your plumbing, electrical, and gas lines in the same spot. Even changing just a couple of these things can add thousands of dollars to your bill.

Your Flooring: You may love wood floors or that expensive natural stone, but you are not going to love the price tag that comes with it! We recommend skipping those expensive options and choosing one of the more affordable ones that looks similar and just as nice.

Your Cabinets: There are three types of cabinets that you can choose from and they are stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are going to cost you the most money, which is why we always recommend choosing stock cabinets whenever possible and supplementing with semi-custom and custom when necessary.

Your Countertops: The material that you choose for your countertop can cause you to quickly go over budget if you are not careful. We understand that granite and quartz are the preferred countertops nowadays, but if you can’t squeeze those materials into your budget, you will be surprised at how similar a laminate countertop can be and how nice tiled countertops are.

Your Appliances: It is so easy to walk into a home improvement store and simply pick out the newest appliances with all the bells and whistles. However, those additional features come with a hefty price tag! We urge you to carefully consider which appliances you need those extra features with and which ones you can live without, because there is no sense in paying for something that you don’t really need or won’t use.

Your Trim: You have many options when it comes to the trim that you have installed in your kitchen, however, some types of cabinets will need fancier trim to make everything look nice. We recommend that you carefully choose your cabinets, so that you do not need to add more trim than you are willing to pay for. Valance trim, three-piece cornices, and light rails are quite a bit more expensive than a simple piece of crown molding.

These six kitchen remodeling projects can add quite a bit of money to your final cost and they are not going to help you stay within your budget. We urge you to use caution during the planning and designing stage of your kitchen remodel, so you are not surprised with the total at the end or find out that you do not have enough money to finish everything.

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