It’s Been a Pretty Amazing 50 Years!


That’s right. D&M Enterprises has been around for 50 years. We have helped several thousand local homeowners and business owners improve their property over the years. Take a look at our Reviews page to see some of the most recent opinions of our work. We try to update it occasionally, but we do stay pretty busy. Look at some of our projects here and some before and after pictures here.

So… What Does D&M Mean?

D&M actually stands for Doug and Mary, but our kids and many of our old friends have been known to affectionately call it Dad & Mom. We began as a small gutter cleaning service to earn extra money on top of our full time jobs just to make ends meet. We quickly discovered that there was a serious need for handymen, gutter cleaners, and roofers. Our skills expanded and so did our client base. Today we work on everything inside and outside of your home. Got a problem with it? Ask us.

50 Years Already!

You’ve heard the phrase time flies when you’re having fun many times. It really does. We started work as our own home improvement company. We got a few certifications under our belts, and then opted for membership to some great associations along the way. We’re very happy with the business that we’ve poured our hearts into for… 50 years.

Experienced… Very experienced… Home Remodelers in Gaithersburg

We’ve worked in Potomac, Washington, D.C., and Gaithersburg for the duration of our time in business. We have left many happy homeowners in our wake and met so many repeat customers who have become friends throughout the years. Our goal, like most builders and remodelers will tell you, is to provide you top notch service at an affordable price. The bottom line for us is that we treat your home with the same regard that we treat ours because we fully understand how much you love your home.

Remodel with a Local Company

You’ve heard the “Shop Local” advertisements in recent years. This motto is helping bring mom and pop stores back and is encouraging new entrepreneurs to step out of the woodwork. So take that a step further, and remodel your home with a local company. Call us any time this year to schedule an appointment for a consultation with us and help us celebrate our 50th year in business!

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