Insulation & House Wraps

While considering new siding for the home why not consider increasing the thermal efficiency of your home at the same time. We can remove your old siding or in some cases we can leave it in place and side over it. But before we side over it we want to provide a level board surface in which to install your new siding. Fanfold insulation underlayment board, gives you a smooth, straight surface so siding not only looks better, but provides additional comfort benefits to your home. When installed over old siding, it provides a continuous layer of thermal and air infiltration protection – helping reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Insulation & House Wraps

How about going high tech? – We have products that when installed with your new siding project on the outside of your home can increase the R-value by as much 15. The Department of Energy states “for every increment increase of 1 R-value a homeowner can expect to save approximately 1-2% in utility costs attributed to cooling and heating their home”.

Reflective Insulation is a double layer of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between two highly reflective aluminum surfaces. This product has been specifically designed for insulating commercial and residential building assemblies, reducing the amount of radiant heat transfer.

Typical system R-values incorporating Reflective Insulation, range from R-6.6 to R-15.2. In addition to increasing the thermal resistance of a building envelope, all of the bubble-core products are approved vapor barriers.

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