How to Know When Window Replacement is Needed


The average home requires upkeep, sometimes more than the homeowner can afford. One of the cheapest ways to give the home a quick upgrade is to change the windows. You might want to change them just for improved curb appeal, but there may come a time when this change is necessary.

  • Frosting between glass layers. Seals provide energy efficiency and keep out moisture. When they start to break down there will be condensation between the glass layers. You will lose energy efficiency and start to see your energy bills rising. Cracks in the glass can also cause the same problem.
  • Weakened frames. Old window frames can develop a number of problems. If they feel soft this usually means that moisture has seeped in and caused rot. Ignoring this problem will lead to further window damage. If the frames are chipped, this is another sign that it is time for replacement.
  • Sticking windows. When windows do not open and close like they used to, repairing them might not be an option. This is usually a problem with old windows and it can pose a security risk. You might also have difficulty locking the windows. This is not only caused by age, but also rotting or rust, but poor installation can also be a factor.
  • Poor noise reduction. Failing windows will do a poor job of keeping your home’s interior peaceful. Many older windows were not created with the idea of keeping noises out. The home’s interior may be noisy due to failing seals. Installing new windows will solve this problem.
  • The interior is drafty. If you start to notice a draft in the home, the windows may be the cause. Modern windows are built with more efficient seals that last longer.

If you are concerned about energy efficiency in the home, putting in new windows will help lower your annual expenses. New windows can block some UV radiation in the warm months for a cooler interior. In winter, they can help to keep the heat in and lower the heating costs. Each month you will see that you are saving on your energy bills. Some window brands are capable of blocking more than 90% of UV radiation.

You should also think about changing your windows for the sake of your family’s security. Newer window products are stronger and will last longer. Choose professional window installation to ensure that they last and continue to work efficiently.

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