How to Evaluate Multiple Window Replacement Quotes from Contractors

Home renovations always come with a multitude of quotes, but that doesn’t mean that evaluating them is as easy as comparing apples to apples. Instead, it is more like comparing apples to potatoes or an SUV to a Cadillac.

While it may look like your window replacement quotes are all different, they should all have the same basic information. That information should include details about the cost of the materials, the day the project will start and when everything will be completed, and the hourly rate. Additional information that is normally included is fees for disposal, dumpsters, permits, and anything else that the contractor is charging for.

While you may not be too concerned if you do not see everything itemized on your quote, we caution against accepting one that is not specific. After all, your quote may say replace windows in house with a price, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the contractor will replace all the windows in your home. They may try to get away with stating that you only asked for half the windows to be replaced instead of all of them.

If all your quotes have the same basic information on them, it will be easier to compare them with each other. While you won’t be able to ask each contractor to fill out the same form, you can create one on your own and plug in the numbers from each contractor if it makes it easier for you.

Of course, there are some scenarios that will make some contractor quotes higher or lower than others.

The factors that always lead to higher quotes include:

  • Costs that the contractor is not trying to hide
  • Warranties that are included
  • The price of the windows
  • Major contractors will have a higher overhead and more equipment

The factors that always lead to lower quotes include:

  • Not having the right insurance for the job
  • Hidden costs that are not included
  • The person is not trained properly and is basically a fly by the night contractor

We recommend that you look at all your window replacement quotes carefully and question the contractors about the ones that look too high or too low. We never recommend going with the lowest bid all the time, but we also don’t recommend choosing the highest bid all the time either. Instead, we think that you should go with the contractor that is going to do the job that you request, in the way that it needs to be completed.

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