How to Dress Up Your Entry Door and Improve Curb Appeal


The front door is a big part the first impression created by your home. When people try to think of ways to increase curb appeal, changing the door is usually on the list. If you have had the same door for years, replacing it a more attractive one can brighten your home’s exterior. Changing the door’s hardware can also have a big impact on the way it looks, which in turn is good for the home.

Changing Hardware

Getting the correct measurements is an important step in making any changes to the hardware for your entry door. If you want to keep the existing door, you will need to reuse the same drill outs. So the new lock and handle assembly you purchase must fit this space.

A new lock does not have to be expensive to improve the look of the door, but quality is important. The two main lock options you have are mortise locks and tubular locks. Mortise locks are stronger, but they are more challenging to install. Homeowners who try to install them usually end up having to get the help of a locksmith. A tubular lock is easier to install, but is not as strong as a mortise lock. These locks are also easier to obtain.

Knobs vs. Levers

When it comes to style, some people will prefer knobs, while others will find levers more appealing. The main advantage of knobs and handles is that they can be used on doors that swing to the left or the right. Someone who wants to keep their doors and just change the hardware might prefer this option. You will need to ensure that you select door levers based on the swing of the door.

Levers are considered easier to use for people have trouble gripping due to disabilities. Some older people may have trouble gripping and turning knobs. One downside to using levers is the possibility of getting snagged as you move past the door. In some cases, modern levers are not suitable for older doors.

Choosing the Finish

This is where the selection of door hardware can become tricky, as there is a wide variety of finishes available. Some of the most popular types you will see are:

  • Aged bronze
  • Matte black
  • Nickel
  • Satin brass
  • Antique brass
  • Chrome

Additional Features

You can choose other improvements to dress up your entry door for a great first impression. A transom window is an attractive feature that adds architectural interest to the home. It is installed above, so you can put one in without changing the door. Transom windows let in more natural light and help with ventilation. Sidelights also add visual interest, and there are many different types to choose from. They provide security by illuminating the entry door at night. You can sidelights without a significant increase in your monthly bills by using energy efficient bulbs.

Brighten your home’s entryway by exploring some of these options. Be sure to get installations handled professionally so you can get quality work for your money.

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