How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for the Interior of Your Home


You might expect paint color selection to be one of the simpler choices for home improvement, but it continues to confound some people. Further muddying the waters are the ever-increasing range of shades and the vast range of different paint products from various manufacturers. Don’t lose hope however, as these tips will help you to get the right colors for your home.

  • Paint smaller rooms first – there is less regret if you use the wrong color in one of the smaller rooms of the home. You can use the smaller spaces as a template for seeing how well colors will work in other parts of the home. Making a change will not seem expensive for a small paint job.
  • Use lighting to your advantage – daylight can help you to get a real sense of the color, but some yellows can be well presented in artificial lighting. So choose carefully based on the amount of light the room will get.
  • Use a color wheel – the advantage of using a color wheel is that it allows you to quickly see how colors can complement each other. You can also tell which colors might not work well together. A color wheel is a good tool is you are a fan of color combinations and accents.
  • Visualize adjacent rooms – you should be happy with color changes as you move from room to room. To get to this point, you should be able to picture how colors will look next to each other. If you can see into two spate spaces at the same time, there should be a sense that the shades or tones interact well.
  • Use accent colors – accents help you to make effective color breaks, and help to give the main color a lift. This is a good strategy in rooms that have monochromatic color schemes. Off-white shades are popular go-to choices, but you can experiment with other tones to get the effect you want.
  • Get creative with finishes – using the same basic color in most of the home might seem boring, but not if you use different finishes. A single paint color may be available if different sheen levels and using more than one in a room can be visually interesting. The color might be the same in two areas, but with different textures or finishes on the wall and trim it will never appear boring.

One of the quickest ways to get to the right colors for your home is to talk to a painting professional. With our help you can sort through the wide variety of choices for the right look. Call us at 301-948-0100 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll help you with the difficult choices in regards to interior paint colors and sheens.

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