How to Choose a New Entry Door for Your Home


Your entry door gets quite a bit of use. After all, people open and close it throughout the day as they are entering and leaving your home. In addition to all that, your entry door is affected by the weather and the never-ending sun that shines down on it.

Over time, your entry door can become damaged, whether it warps, cracks, or the finish wears off. Once you determine that you need a brand-new entry door, you may find that you either need to replace only the door itself or the door and the door framing. Obviously, the first one will be easier than the latter, but either one will get you closer to your goal of having a beautiful front entry door once again.

The first thing you will need to do is decide on what type of material you want your new entry door to be made from. Wooden doors are the most common, but a steel door will offer you the most durability and security. If you choose wood, you will need to keep an eye on it for warping and make sure that you apply a finish to it regularly. Steel doors are fairly maintenance free and if it does dent, you can fix it easily.

If you love the look of a wooden door and the limited maintenance of a steel door, then we recommend that you consider a fiberglass door. These doors are also durable, and they can be manufactured to look exactly like a wooden door. Most fiberglass doors also offer the longest warranty.

An aluminum door is custom made, which means that you have many more sizing options available. That means that this may be one of your only affordable options if you have a doorway that is slightly larger or smaller than most. These entry doors have a baked-on enamel finish, which can look like wood or a painted door, and they never need refinishing.

As you are purchasing your new entry door, we recommend making sure that if you need a door and the framing that you purchase everything from the same manufacturer. If you do not, you may find that things do not line up properly.

The goal of your new door should be to make your front entrance way beautiful once again. It should help you save money on energy bills and give you more time to enjoy since you won’t need to maintain your new door as much.

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