Home Remodeling Projects that are Perfect for Winter


Most people hire contractors for remodeling projects in the summer, but the winter season might be the ideal opportunity as well. In fact, there are some good reasons to use this winter to make a few improvements. One advantage is that it is easier to get a good contractor to handle your project. This is typically a less busy period for these professionals.

A winter home remodeling project does not have to involve major improvements. In fact, smaller projects might be more suitable in some instances. Depending on the severity of the winter, there could be challenges with deliveries, and snowfall could cause delays and lost man hours. Here are a few good projects you can think about for this winter season.

  • Repainting – this is inexpensive, does not require a lot of tools, and can be done relatively quickly. A new paint job can make a room look completely new. You can update the look of the interior with something trendier.
  • Drywall work – if your drywall is looking worn in a few spots or has been damaged at some point, you can make some changes in winter. Using a heater in the work area is a good idea to help with installation and drying. The work area should be roughly 50°F as this will create the right environment for the project.
  • Installing baseboard trim – you can add baseboard trim to rejuvenate the interior, or replace existing trim. This is another inexpensive project that will not disrupt your schedule. Choose decorative finishes that will suit the look of the interior for a successful project.
  • Installing crown molding – crown molding can give the home’s interior a finished look. Making the cuts for corners is not as simple as some people might think, so this may not be an ideal DIY project. A contractor will be able to help you choose the right type, and install it quickly.
  • Putting up blinds – this can be an interesting project as you have to make choices based on the room where they will be installed. Blinds come in different materials, and some types are better for letting in more light.
  • Changing flooring – the length of time for the project depends on the material and the size of the room. One advantage of doing this in winter is that there is less moisture in the air, so this means less drying time.

Home Remodeling in Gaithersburg

As with any other type of remodeling project you should have a budget in mind when you start planning. You will have many qualified contractors to choose from during the slower winter period. Call us at 301-948-0100 to discuss your home remodeling ideas and schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll help you choose the best projects for winter.

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