Great Ways to Stop Air Loss before Old Man Winter’s Draft Steals Your Warmth

One way for cold air to get inside your home in the cold months is through cracks in doors and windows. However, you can beat the cold blaster at his own game by repairing or replacing your doors well in advance of winter. You can also prevent air leaks in other areas you may not have thought about.

Examine Windows and Doors Closely

The first step is to determine if you have any gaps in your doors or even windows that allow in cold air. One simple tip to find out is to check if slivers of sunshine come inside even though the doors are close. Hold a lit candle close to doors and windows can also help. If the flame seems to be flickering even though you see no breeze, it is a sign that air is getting inside. So let’s look at some ways to use weather stripping and other means to stop cold air leaks from doors.

Weather Stripping

Use weather stripping to seal any gaps between doors and door jamb. This is placed on with side of the door where the door meets the frame, as well as at the top of the door. If you use metal weather stripping, these will lasts for years, however, you can also use cheaper, but less durable self-adhesive types. Self-adhesive foam weather stripping is great for gaps in doors and windows

Door Sweeps

Keep out old air that comes in under the door by installing door sweeps. This metal sheet is filled with silicone or rubber, and placed at the bottom of the door. When fitted correctly, it prevents cold air from getting in as well as preventing heat from getting out.

Replace Old Gaskets

If you have metal doors, make sure that that the gaskets are secure and tightly close any gaps. Replacing these rubber gaskets is easy and inexpensive. If the door is damage or warped, you will need to get new doors.


Windows, like doors, can generally be sealed to prevent air getting in or out. Caulking the gaps is a great way to prevent air getting in. Caulk works great with spaces that are small. If the window frames are old and shrinking, consider replacing them.

Other Drafty Areas

While doors and windows tend to be the main route for cold air getting in, also check areas such as the vents around chimneys and flues and the entry points. For chimneys, the space can be covered using aluminum flashing affixed with silicone.

Door and Window Replacement in the Greater Gaithersburg Area

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