Fees and Expenses Involved with Bathroom Remodeling


Are you ready for your bathroom remodel? Have you hired your contractor? Have you determined what your budget is going to be? If you said yes to all three of those things, then you are well on your way to starting this project. However, you may want to be aware of a few things when it comes to the expenses you are about to face.

Here are 5 fees and expenses involved with bathroom remodeling:


You are probably going to need many different types of permits before you can even begin your bathroom remodel. Every area has their own rules, but some of the permits you may need include a building permit, electrical permit, and a plumbing permit.


There are many different tests that may be required within your bathroom and some of them are dependent on how old your home is. If there is a chance that asbestos was used when your home was constructed, you will need to have the space tested to see if it is present. Lead used to be present in paint years ago, so there is a chance that your bathroom contains high levels of lead too. If elevated levels of lead or asbestos are found, you will need to have it removed before the rest of the work can begin.

Unexpected Expenses

Something is always going to go wrong during a bathroom remodel, actually any type of remodel, which is why we always urge homeowners to set aside ten percent of their budget for these issues. You never know if mold will be discovered or if the pipes need to be replaced or if the wiring is bad.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Subcontractors are normally called in to complete plumbing and electrical work, because these items call for specialists in those fields. It is worth the additional money, as you are guaranteed to have everything working the way it should at the end.

Bathroom Fixtures

The vanity, lights, toilet, faucets, sink, and even towel bars need to be included in your expenses. These items may not be big ticket items, but they will still affect the amount of money you have left in your budget.

These are some of the main fees and expenses you will face during your bathroom remodel, but there are many more that your contractor will talk to you about.

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