Discover the Advantages of Building a Walk-in Shower

In many homes across the country people are getting rid of their bathtubs in favor of showers. For a modern spin on this common bathroom feature, some are going even further by making walk-in showers. It can be a logistical and design challenge, but in the end it will be worth the effort. Here are some of the advantages that make this addition to your bathroom worthwhile.

  • Easier maintenance. The lack of a curb or edge cuts down on the corners and hard to clean spaces in the bathroom. Instead, you have one continuous space. All you have to do when cleaning is slide the shower door open, and you have access to both this space and the floor. Without these extra lines there will be fewer spaces for mold to grow, so you will have a healthier, cleaner bathroom.
  • An open layout. For fans of the open layout look, the walk-in shower is worth considering. You will have a full view of the bathroom, and it will have an airy feel. A walk-in shower creates the illusion of a larger bathroom.
  • Fitting the modern trend. With many bathroom remodeling projects today, much of the focus is placed on design. Effective design delivers long term value as much as the quality of the fixtures. The walk-in shower fits into the mold of modern bathroom design concepts. It adds to the sense of comfort and luxury that most people want in their bathrooms.
  • Quicker installation. Since it skips the edges common with traditional showers, setting up a walk-in shower takes less time. Another feature that helps to save time on the installation is the drain. Many of these showers utilize a linear drain system. These require only a single slope down to the drain to remove water. Other types have a four sided slope system which takes more time to install.

A walk-in shower can be ideal for older persons or persons with disabilities. It will be easy for them to step in and out of the shower. It is not the ideal solution for young children, so think carefully before getting rid of the tub if there is only one bathroom. To save money, you can explore the option of getting a prefabricated walk-in shower kit. For most people however, getting one designed leaves them more satisfied with the look of the shower and bathroom.

Call us at 301-948-0100 if you’re in Gaithersburg or the surrounding areas and would like to discuss remodeling your bathroom to create an amazing custom walk-in shower. We’ll take your ideas into consideration and share our years of expertise with you. Together, we will build a custom walk-in shower that will serve you well for many years to come.

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