Dirty Gutters? 8 Issues You Will See if You Don’t Clean Them Out

When was the last time you cleaned out your gutters? A month, two, twelve? Time seems to fly by when you are procrastinating on a project and you may be surprised when you realize how long it has really been since you cleaned your gutters last. Don’t worry; we won’t jump onto you or shame you for it.

Here are 8 issues that you will see if you don’t clean your gutters out soon:

  1. Damage to Your Roof: The dirtier your gutters are, the more they can become blocked and hold water. All this water will cause damage to your roof and it will eventually begin to leak down into your ceiling and walls.
  2. Rotting Fascia and Soffits: As soon as your fascia and soffits are hit with water, they will begin to rot. However, that rotting will not end any time soon, because the water will seep deep inside the materials causing it to rot even faster.
  3. Water Damage: The water damage you see from not cleaning your gutters will not stop at your roof. Instead, you will notice that your siding, trim, windows, and doors can become victims of extensive water damage.
  4. Issues with the Foundation: The foundation around your home can crack, settle, or shift when there is too much water surrounding it.
  5. Basement Flooding: Your basement can flood quite easily if your gutters are not clean, because the water will spill down over the sides, drip down the side of the house, go through the cracks in the foundation, and then end up all over your basement floor.
  6. Damage Your Landscape: All the hard work you have put into your yard will be for nothing if you do not keep your gutters clean. You will find your plants drowning in water and the soil eroding where the water is pouring over the sides.
  7. Damage to Your Driveway: The water that hits your driveway can cause cracks and other damage, which can be harmful to you and your family as well as your cars.
  8. Insect Problems: Insects love standing water and you may find that your yard is full of mosquitoes and other pests and insects. These little bugs will make it so you will not be able to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather without being bitten.

We recommend having your gutters cleaned at least once a year to remove any of the dirt and debris that collects inside. We can help you determine if your gutters are damaged and need to be replaced or if there is anything that you can do to keep them cleaner in between appointments. We may suggest gutter screens or more frequent cleanings if you prefer not to install a screen. Give us a call and we’ll help you plan the best way to tackle cleaning your guttering and downspouts.

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