Decorative Molding Exterior & Interior

Door and window crossheads, porch and entry pediments, pilasters, arches, sunbursts, brackets, dentil blocks, gable decorations, can all be installed in a long lasting durable product made of polyurethane. This material has been used for over 30 years, and in the last 18 years, after extensive use and real world application, has now become recognized for its superior and outstanding durability. You say, “I have to have wood,” well read on…

Decorative Molding: Exterior

This material not only does not rot and decay, but once painted, because of it closed cell-nature, requires less frequent painting and upkeep. As a closed-cell product, moisture is not able to penetrate the material and therefore cause the inevitable peeling and breakdown of paint adhesions that most painted wood trim details will experience. By resisting chemicals and insect infestation, it is one of the few exterior products that you can truly install with a “worry-free” piece of mind.

Decorative Moulding: Interior

Custom crown moulding, chair railing, wall frames, shadow boxes, bead board, wainscoting, and ceiling trays. Why not take that stale dining room or front foyer and add a little pizzazz and flair to your home. Add the beauty and character to your home’s interior that it deserves. With a uniqueness and originality that will have your family, friends and neighbor’s talking. Liven up the “living room” or jazz up that “study” with a custom design of highest quality mouldings, that will give your home years and years of impressive presentation.

Special Touches: Interior

Ceiling medallions, corbels, domes, brackets, blocks, wall niches, vignettes, pilasters, columns and louvers.