Consider Any of These 5 Remodeling Projects and Have Your Home Looking Amazing for the Holidays

The holidays are so stressful, since we all have endless lists of things that we need to accomplish before the big day or days arrive! While you may have a huge list of things that you need to decorate inside your home before the holidays, we also want you to know that there are certain remodeling projects you may need to tackle as well.
These projects will make your house more welcoming to all your guests and you will check off quite a few boxes when it comes to work in the new year!

Here are 5 remodeling projects to consider, to have your home looking amazing for the holidays:

Add More Lighting Inside

Yes, you may hang strand after strand of lights up in your home for the holidays, but we want you to focus on lights that you will leave in place forever right now. You can simply switch out lighting fixtures to get a better glow or you can consider adding more lighting fixtures in certain rooms in your home to ensure that everyone can see what they are doing.

Upgrade Your Appliances

That too small refrigerator or oven may not bother you too much throughout the year, but we can guarantee that it takes some maneuvering when you entertain during the holidays. This is the perfect time to upgrade and purchase new appliances for your kitchen. They can normally be delivered within a week, are set up instantly, and the old ones can be hauled away as well.

Add Exterior Lighting

Above, we discussed adding more light inside your home, but we also recommend adding it to the outside of your home. The nights are getting darker earlier now, so there is an excellent chance that your guests will be arriving and leaving in the dark. Installing lighting along your pathways, as well as ones that shine up onto your front entryway, are two things that we recommend the most. As an added bonus, your house will be more secure, because thieves dislike wandering up to homes that are well lit.

Install a New Front Door

Since your guests will be able to see your front door quite well with all that new lighting, you may want to take the time to replace it with a new one. There are numerous options available and you can even choose a vibrant color to make it stand out from all your neighbors.

Install New Flooring

Replacing flooring doesn’t take that long, yet it can instantly improve the look of any room in your home. You can tear up carpeting and replace it with hardwood or laminate, or you can choose to install more carpet. We recommend that you consider how you use each room, so that you can choose the material that will work the best in each one.

These five quick projects won’t take long to do, but they will make your home look amazing now and in the future.

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