Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Only Take a Few Hours from Your Weekend



Two of the most important factors for a successful kitchen remodel are time and money. Most homeowners feel like they never have enough of either one. However, thanks to the constant development of new products and ideas, there are plenty of ways cut remodeling time and save money in the process.

  1. Repaint walls. Start with the one of the cheapest and quickest kitchen upgrades; a new color. You can update the color scheme in just a few hours, including drying time, and give the kitchen a new look.
  2. Repaint cabinets. Replacing has no place in a budget friendly kitchen project, so instead of getting new cabinets, just choose a fresh new color. Preparing and painting account for a small fraction of the cost of replacing. Another advantage is that this is an environmentally friendly approach.
  3. Add more lighting. There’s a good chance that your kitchen is not as bright as it should be. However this does not have to mean making major lighting changes. Extra touches such as under-cabinet lights and shelf lighting can quickly make the kitchen more appealing and functional.
  4. Use those remnant pieces. If you are one of those people who have pieces of materials stored somewhere, it is time to think about using them. Materials left over from countertops or cabinets can be used to make cutting boards or cabinet roll-outs.
  5. Update the hardware. New handles and pulls for drawers and cabinets can spruce them up and add more charm to the kitchen. Options include, nickel, pewter, chrome ad stainless steel. You can change these accessories yourself in an hour or two.
  6. Decorate with small appliances. Older types of small appliances usually had plain color tones. Now many products such as blenders and toasters come in attractive colors that can add vibrancy to the kitchen.
  7. Use new window treatments. Switch out drapes for blinds and shades to give the kitchen a new look. Another benefit is that you can easily pull them out of the way when cooking or washing dishes.

If you want to update your kitchen cheaply, choose changes that you can do on your own. You can use a number of these ideas in just a few hours and update your kitchen before the weekend is over. Keep in mind that even a minor kitchen remodel needs a plan and budget.

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