Bathroom Vanity and Sink Ideas for a Bold New Look


No matter what type of bathroom you have in your home, the vanity plays a pivotal role in the overall look and function of the space. Some homeowners want one that is stylish, while others prefer something simple. The decision on the type is not always simple, as an endless array of styles and designs are available. The sink should work well with your vanity and enhance the visual setting. Some people turn to their contractors for help, but with a little understanding of your choices you can make the right one.

  1. The free standing vanity. This contributes greatly to the utilitarian nature of the bathroom. It is perfect for anyone who wants to have enough storage and therefore avoid clutter. As far as some people are concerned, these types are not stylish enough since they lack the elegance of a pedestal sink. Don’t sell these types short, as an attractive design can enhance the look of any bathroom.
  2. Pedestal sink. These are attractive, and in many bathrooms add a look of luxury. The size, build and color are key considerations. If you are replacing an old sink, get a new one that matches it in terms of size and height for ease of installation. Of course the right contractor can work around any challenges if you opt for a different size and style.
  3. Wall mounted sink. Many people like the neat look of a wall mounted sink, but this will limit your storage options. If you have a large bathroom, there is no problem. You can place a vanity, or install one at the most convenient spot.
  4. Vessel sink and vanity. A vanity with a vessel sink placed on top can create a look that is both utilitarian and inviting. While the vanity does not have to be large, there should be enough room for the items you will be using. This is a good alternative to the traditional sink.
  5. Under-mount sink. This look is seeing greater demand due to its clean and stylish look. This is a costlier setup than the typical bathroom sink installation, so it is not for everyone. The design usually requires more countertop space, so it is ideal for larger bathrooms, but not limited to these larger spaces. This works best with a solid countertop like granite which can increase your budget.

Regardless of the theme you are working toward, a vanity and a sink can help to shape the aesthetic. If you decide to forego the vanity, look for creative ways to keep towels and toiletries from making the area look untidy. Cabinetry is great for things you want hidden while floating shelving is a good option for decorative yet useful items.


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