Avoid Fad Trends that You Will Hate Later


It is so easy to jump on the fad bandwagon and incorporate a design into your home that you are going to hate six months later. And, while you can understand it happening to someone once, there are some people that seem to do it again and again!

Here are 4 fad trends that you are going to want to avoid, because you’ll hate them later:

Specialty Finishes on Your Hardware

All those specialty finishes on hardware looks so nice at first, but after a year or two, you are going to hate them so much! Plus, since they were so expensive to purchase, you are not going to feel like you can swap them out with cheaper options.

Creating Custom Cabinets to Use Temporarily

You may be tempted to have a custom cabinet built for your home office that you are temporarily placing in the corner of your living room, but you would be better off using a cheaper version and saving your money. Then once, you have the space for your new office available, you can choose built-in options that will hold everything that you need them to. Of course, you will want to make sure that you create your built-ins to hold different sizes of items, or you will need to go back to the drawing board when you need to replace your printer.

Over the Top Bathroom Upgrades

It can be super easy to go overboard on your bathroom upgrades and not all of it is going to be what you want in the space in a couple of years. Marble can look beautiful in the beginning, but after a while it will age. Plus, if you add too much marble to the room, you may decide that you hate it sooner than later.

Open Shelves

We love open shelves, but it is possible to go overboard with them. We encourage you to think about what you will be placing on your open shelves, because are you really going to want all your visitors to see everything that you own? Plus, everything on these shelves will need to be wiped down and cleaned regularly, as they will be dust magnets.

These are the fad trends that we do not want in our homes, and while you may love them for a little bit, you will be disappointed with them eventually too. We don’t want you to spend a ton of money and d a lot of work on something that you need to change sooner than later, which is why we wanted to try to steer you away from these trends.

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