Add Functionality to Your Kitchen with New Cabinets


The way that you use your kitchen is going to be completely different than how anyone else uses their kitchen and this is why no two kitchens are truly ever the same. You might need features that allow your children to do homework while watching you make dinner or you might need a larger prep and eating area, because you are always cooking for a crowd.

In order to make your kitchen work best for you and your family, you will want to make sure that it is functioning properly. One way to add functionality to your kitchen is to replace your kitchen cabinets. Here are 6 ways that new kitchen cabinets can add functionality to your kitchen:

Start with Enough… and Add More

We recommend designing your kitchen so that you can fit enough cabinets to store all of your kitchen items. Your old kitchen may have had four cabinets, when in reality you need ten cabinets for your dishes, cookware, bakeware, and small appliances.

Pullout Trash and Recycling

Installing a cabinet with a pullout garbage and recycling station will save floor space and keep messes contained. A pullout cutting board can be installed over this space as well to make it easier to dispose of garbage when prepping for meals.

Gliding Spice Rack Cabinet

Spice racks that pull out can be installed near the cooking area to make it easier to prepare a meal at any time. This also makes it more convenient because you can locate all spices in a single glance instead of digging through a cabinet shelf.

Corner Cabinets

The corners in many kitchens are usually wasted space, but we recommend taking advantage of this empty space by using corner cabinets with a lazy Susan. Also consider sliding shelving for corners so you can use all of the space available.

Accent Cabinets

Everyone wants their kitchen to look nice and you can accomplish this by installing glass doors on certain cabinets. The glass doors will allow you to show off your prettiest dishes, glassware, or other decorative items while making your kitchen look more appealing.

Additional Lighting

Lighting can be installed inside cabinets with glass doors and underneath the cabinets. These lights can be used as ambient lighting at night or for additional lighting during the day when the kitchen is in use.


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