9 Whole Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2018 and 2019


Home design trends come and go, but there are some that are always worth watching because they are around for the long haul. This is the perfect time to do some home improvements because the following trends will continue to be in style for 2019 and beyond.

Here are 9 whole home remodeling trends to watch in 2018 and 2019:

  1. In-Law Options: It is becoming more and more popular for parents to move in with their children, so you may want to consider creating an in-law addition this year or next. You can choose to have an addition constructed or you can simply turn your basement into a little apartment complete with its own mini-kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Wider Hallways and Doorways: Aging in place is becoming more common as well, and we believe that it is always better to be prepared than rushing in the future. We recommend that you take the time to widen your hallways and doorways now, so that you will not need to worry about when you can return to your home if something happens later.
  3. Add Plants: Plants have always been incorporated into rooms, but these next couple of years will feature plants as part of the décor. Colorful planters can add pops of color, while groups of plants can add visual appeal.
  4. Oversized Furniture: Oversized furniture is arriving just in time to fill those large expansive open floor plans. Of course, this furniture will also be helpful any time that you are entertaining a crowd, as they will all have a place to sit comfortably.
  5. Repurposed Items: Old tables, bookcases, and dressers have been featured in rooms for many years, but now you have free rein to use these items in new ways. You can turn an old table or a couple of bookcases into your new kitchen island, or an old cart can be turned into a chair or even a coffee table.
  6. Constructing Additions: Additions are necessary in some homes to create larger kitchens or needed bedrooms, which is why many homeowners like yourself will be constructing them sooner than later.
  7. Rustic Bathrooms: There is nothing wrong with sleek and shiny bathrooms, but sometimes a rustic design feels warmer. You may want to consider adding some shiplap to the walls before installing a claw foot bathtub and some vintage décor.
  8. Tankless Water Heaters: We know that you are always looking for ways to save money, which is why we encourage homeowners to install the new tankless water heaters. These water heaters only heat the water when you need it, so you will not need to pay to keep your water warm all day and all night.
  9. Roof Decks: Homes with smaller yards can benefit from a roof deck, because it allows a homeowner to have an outdoor space. If you decide to construct one, you will want to turn it into a relaxing spot that can also be used for entertaining.

These nine home remodeling trends are perfect options for you to consider, because they will be just as popular next year and in the future. After all, who can resist the extra space, both inside and out, as well as the money saving options that each one brings.

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