8 Reasons to Have Your Chimney Repaired this Year


The majority of homes built in the last twenty years have a fireplace, which means they have a chimney. The chimney, like all other areas of your home, must be maintained from time to time to keep it properly functional. Here are 8 reasons to repair your chimney this year with us.

  1. Brick and Masonry Damage – Spalling and cracking are more than unsightly; they’re also dangerous. Cracks that go through the brick compromise the structural integrity of your chimney. A technique called tuckpointing can go a long way in protecting your chimney from future damage. Very damaged chimneys may need to be demolished and rebuilt.
  2. Crown Repair – The crown and cap are often confused. The crown is the very top of the chimney structure itself, and it is designed to drain water away from the opening to the flue.
  3. Chimney Caps and Screens – The chimney cap goes over the flue opening and directs water to the crown, which in turn, drains water away from the flue opening. Make sense now? So if you have a damaged chimney cap, screen, or crown, water may be entering your chimney from the top. This often causes unsavory odors from the fireplace.
  4. Flashing – Flashing is used around the body of your chimney where it meets the roof. It is designed to prevent water from penetrating this very vulnerable area.
  5. Waterproofing – Everyone should waterproof their masonry chimney every few years to help prevent elemental damage which leads to structural damage.
  6. Avoid Smoke Damage – A damaged chimney is an improperly working chimney. Brick or flue tiles that are cracked or out of alignment can cause smoke to build up in the chimney or come back into your home.
  7. Peace of Mind – Knowing that your chimney is in proper working order will bring you a lot of peace of mind the next time you start a fire.
  8. It’s Our 50th Year in Business! – Come celebrate 50 years of home improvement with us. What better reason could there be?

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That’s right; this year we celebrate an amazing 50 years in the home maintenance, repair, and remodeling business. Call us any time during normal business hours to discuss your home maintenance needs or to schedule an appointment with us. We do everything from handyman work to remodeling.

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