6 Most Requested Items in Renovated Kitchens

We couldn’t tell you how many kitchen renovations we have done over the years, but we can tell you how many times we get asked for the same things. Just like we can tell you how many unusual requests we get. While we would love to get into all those unusual requests, we thought that it might be better to focus on the more normal ones first.

Here are the 6 most requested items in renovated kitchens:

  1. Islands: We couldn’t tell you how many people insist that they need an island in their kitchen. Even those people who have a galley kitchen, who can’t move without an island in the first place. Everyone wants this extra space to prep food, store items, and seat people.
  2. Large Single Sinks: Most people seem to want large single sinks nowadays, so that they can fit their large pots and pans in them to wash.
  3. Extra Prep Space: Everyone seems to want help in the kitchen, and that means that they need room when it comes to prepping food. In older kitchens, the prep space used to be next to the sink. Now, we see it next to the sink and then either on an island or other area of the counter.
  4. Storage: More storage is necessary in today’s kitchens, and people want to be able to store all those items that they buy in bulk. A walk-in pantry is the most popular choice, but some people will make do with a sliding door pantry or a tall cabinet.
  5. Clutter Free Counters: People hate seeing cluttered counters in their remodeled kitchens. To avoid this, we recommend appliance garages, so that everything is placed behind a closed door.
  6. Recycling-Trash-Compost Area: Almost everyone requests a specific area for their recycling, trash, and composting bins. They want this area to be conveniently located, so that they can use it when cooking. But they also want to be able to access it easily to take it out.

Kitchen Remodeling in the Gaithersburg Area

Do these items match what you want in your renovated kitchen or do you have other items on your list? It is always interesting to see the differences between people and what is important to some and not others.

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