5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Have you been dreaming of a supersized bathroom, but do not have the money or the space to expand yours? Well, you may be able to stop dreaming and start living in a slightly larger feeling bathroom sooner than later if you follow these tips.

Here are 5 ways to make your bathroom appear larger:

  1. Choose White on White: We don’t know what color you chose for your bathroom, but we do know that if you decide to paint it white and accessorize it with white, it will appear larger. That means white walls, white tub, white toilet, white sink, and a white floor. All that white will reflect the light instead of absorbing it, and you will be loving your larger bathroom.
  2. Add a Floating Vanity: A floating vanity will still give you storage space, but it will also open up the space underneath so that you can see the floor. Seeing the floor is an optical illusion that will make the entire room look larger.
  3. Install a Large Mirror: Mirrors always make rooms look bigger, which is why we recommend installing a large mirror in your bathroom. A large mirror can really open up this space and make it look twice its size.
  4. Install Glass Shower Doors: We also recommend removing your shower curtain and installing glass shower doors. These doors will allow you to see through them all the way to the other side of the shower, instead of being blocked by where the curtain was.
  5. Add Bright Lighting: Lighting is very important in bathrooms, so you may want to consider adding more than what you currently have. A combination of lights will open the room up and make it look larger than it is.

Bathroom Remodeling in the Gaithersburg Area

There may not be anything that you can do with the size of your bathroom, but you can make it appear larger than it is. These are all mainly optical illusions that will trick your eyes and brain into thinking the space is larger than it is. However, that is okay, because your bathroom is what you make it. You can relax just as easily in the space that you have, even if it is smaller than you like.

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