5 Tips for Installing a Brand New Entry Door


Your entry door gives you a way to enter your home, but did you realize that it is one of the first things that everyone sees when they arrive at your home? We know that you want to make a good impression, as well as improve your curb appeal, which is why we want to share some tips before you install a new door.

Here are 5 tips for installing a brand-new entry door:

Look for the perfect fit

You are going to want to know the size of your current door, because it is much easier to replace a door with one of the same size. To do it any other way will mean reconfiguring the door frame and other reconstruction work.

Match the architecture

You may think that any old entry door will work for your home, but we urge you to choose one that matches the architecture of your home. A rustic door is not going to look great on a contemporary home and a traditional door will not improve the curb appeal of a rustic home.

Consider the glass

You may prefer more or less glass than all your neighbors, which is why the choice is yours as to how much glass you want in your entry door. Of course, the amount of glass that you choose will affect the price that you pay, but you’ll reap the rewards with a phenomenal looking home.

Exposure to the elements

The material of the entry door that you choose will need to stand up to the elements, especially if your entry way is not covered. If your door is exposed to the elements, especially direct sunlight, we recommend choosing steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Security options

You are going to need to lock your brand-new entry door, and while new locks are a great option, we recommend installing steel reinforcements in the door jamb. This will prevent your door jamb from breaking when someone kicks the door in.

These five tips will ensure that the installation of your brand-new entry door goes smoothly, nut a professional can answer any other concerns that you have. They can also assist you if you have no idea if one door will work better than another for your home.

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