3 Masonry Repairs that are Best Completed during the Warmer Months of the Year

We bet that you had your last fire a few weeks ago and then closed up the doors to your fireplace and forgot all about this area of your home. We also want to bet that you probably won’t think about your chimney again until this fall when you are scrambling to have it cleaned before you light your first fire of the season. Are we close to being right? It’s okay; we get it.

We do, however, want to help you change that. Add chimney cleaning to your list of annual home improvement tasks, and put our number beside the task. The reason for this is simply that if the masonry is damaged it will need to be repaired before you use it again. Summer is the time of year to have this type of work completed. After all, the warm temperatures are perfect for curing the mortar that is used for many of these repairs.

Here are 3 masonry repairs that are best completed during the warmer months of the year:

Brick Repair

You may have a brick or two that needs some minor repairs to keep the damage from getting worse or you may have numerous bricks that need to be replaced completely. Spalling bricks are the ones that always need to be replaced and you will want to have them done now so the mortar has time to dry before you start your next fire.

Crown Rebuilding

Rebuilding the crown of your chimney is easier during the warmer months of the year, because a professional will not need to worry about snow and ice up on the roof. Instead, they will have warm temperatures for mixing the mortar and completely rebuilding the crown of your chimney. This new crown will then prevent water, snow, and ice from seeping into your home.

Rebuilding Part or All of a Chimney

There are times when a chimney is leaning to one side or it has become significantly damaged to the point where part or all of it needs to be replaced. As it is being replaced, you may find that there is much more air creeping into your home through the section where the chimney once was. It is better for warm air to be entering your home than it is for the cold air from the winter months.

Home Improvement and Chimney Repair in Gaithersburg

You may not want to think about chimney repairs during the summer when you are enjoying life, but you will thank us in the fall when the work is done and you are ready to build your first fire as soon as it gets cold out.

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